Is your business relocating? Downsizing? Expanding into adjacent space? Are you closing your doors after many years of business? In any of these scenarios, there are elements of moving or changing out fixtures and fittings with all the associated packaging, boxes and trash.

How It Works

Working with Ponderosa Pines is easy, we streamline the process to remove the clutter and restore emptiness.

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We appreciate your focus to be on the next location and getting everything set up to keep the disruption to a minimum and continuity for your customers to a maximum. You just want someone to come in after you have left and clean up everything you left behind in the excitement. We are able to pick up all the trash and unwanted bits and pieces and leave the space clean and empty.

Perhaps you rented this commercial space and your landlord demands it be left in a certain condition? At this point you have moved on and are busy with the new location. Let us deal with clearing and cleaning up the old space for you, certainly saving you a lot of time and energy.