Thinking of selling or remodeling your rental property? Or perhaps just smartening it up ready for new tenants? It is a common picture, over the years your tenants have departed but have left behind them an ugly collection of stuff they couldn’t be bothered to take or dispose of.

Each subsequent tenant adopts the left-overs. Now you are faced with rooms littered with broken and unwanted furniture and piles of stuff no longer of use to anyone, least of all you! 


How It Works

Working with Ponderosa Pines is easy, we streamline the process to remove the clutter and restore emptiness.

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You might want to just do a thorough clear-out and clean-up before bringing in new tenants. We can make all of this junk disappear fast, minimizing your delay of re-lease. Maybe this is the time for big change and you are thinking about finally selling or remodeling. In which case, a deeper clearance and cleaning may be what you are looking for.

Whatever the extent of your clearance needs, junk removal, pulling up carpet, emptying outbuilding, we are able to accomplish this effectively: releasing your time to focus on other things.

It is common to underestimate the task of a house clearance. Not only the time involved with working your way through the rooms and outbuildings but also organizing the appropriate disposal of everything. With us you have a “one stop shop” to get the whole job done. An organized team focused on getting everything out and away. We leave the whole of the property in exactly the state you have requested, nothing gets missed or left behind which would cause you headaches later.

You will be happy you brought us in to take care of this dirty job for you.