1. When you're ready, you give us a key

You are in possession of a property littered top to bottom with junk and trash. All of it needs to be cleared before you are able move forward with your plans. Getting all this unwanted junk removed will certainly eat into your valuable time if you are attempting to tackle the task yourself. Where to start? Do yourself a huge favor and let us take care of this dirty job for you. Initially we will meet you at the property, walk through and discuss what you wish to have cleared vs. stay, answer all of your questions and get an estimate of work emailed out to you fast. A signature indicating your commitment to working with us is all that is needed to schedule a start date.

  1. The Ponderosa Pines team clears everything

At this stage, you would have already removed all items of value to you. This eliminates any confusion and certainly allows for the clearing process to be more efficient. We arrange for the delivery of the appropriately sized dumpster ahead of time, and if necessary, a permit if the dumpster has no choice but to be placed on the public highway. Furnished with a key for access, we start at the top, working our way through the rooms, methodically clearing in accordance to the details listed on the Estimate of Work sheet.

  1. Your property's emptiness is restored!

Like a slice of apple pie with ice cream, this part is wholly satisfying. All the junk is gone and you have regained clean space. You are now able to see the wood for the trees in preparation for selling, renting or remodeling. A final walk-through with you is preferred before the dumpster is collected, in case you have changed your mind on any originally excluded items. We are confident you will be smiling at this point, happy with how easy it was to work with us, and relieved you didn’t waste any of your time and energy trying to do this laborious job yourself!

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