We live in a transient society, with family and friends scattered all over the country. With this comes ownership of property or the leasing of a storage unit in one state, while living in another. This is especially common with inherited property.

Work may dictate you live in Chicago, while your aging relative has their home along the Front Range of Colorado. Or perhaps you had to place all of your belongings into temporary storage here, allowing you then the freedom to pursue that new job elsewhere.


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Working with Ponderosa Pines is easy, we streamline the process to remove the clutter and restore emptiness.

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 We understand the frustrations of being shackled by time and distance. Recently I had to orchestrate the clearing of my mother-in-law’s property in Delaware while I was restricted with work commitments here in Colorado. Because I understand how to make the process efficient and cost effective, I was able to succeed in getting the job complete without the stresses of immediately jumping on a plane. TRUST is key in this scenario, for you and us.

Our commitment is to take care of the details on your behalf. Whether you simply want to get the ball rolling and plan on coming later in the clearance process, or unable to attend at all, we treat these clearances with the same level of professionalism and efficiency as with all our clients. In short, while the basic process of the house clearance/cleaning remains consistent, I shall be acting on your behalf throughout the project.

I am confident you will find your experience with Ponderosa Pines Property Clearance to be wholly above your expectations. Details of house access and “keep vs. clear” is all done via phone and email. So please do get in touch, lets discuss your particular requirements and in turn how I am able to help you achieve your goal.