Seriously, I get it. It is a daunting prospect having to find, contact and evaluate the right service provider for your job. It would be much easier to delay the project or even try to squeeze in the time to do it yourself. I am the same, and more than happy to blame my grey hairs on the people I have brought in to do the various remodels and maintenance work on my properties over the years. On the up-side, this has given me great insight as to what is lacking and what it is people really need on the most basic level of business interactions.

This is the basis of why I have created my business. I am able to bring a much sort after additional element of attention to detail, sense of urgency and integrity to your experience in dealing with a service provider. You are right, clearing a house of junk and trash is hardly rocket science. It is ridiculous trying to fluff it up into something more grand.

The free advertising sites are littered with “Man and a Truck” outfits. I want the experience you have with Ponderosa Pines to be easy, reliable and gratifying. When you give specific instruction, I want you to get a strong sense I have listened. I want you to be clear that I deliver a service which is fast while thorough, and professional while friendly.

Rolling up my sleeves, donning my gloves and mucking in with the team is what I enjoy. My experience with buying, selling and leasing properties affords me a broader angle of thought to each of my house clearance projects.

      ~Jo Ferranto, Owner Ponderosa Pines Property Clearance

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